New Lower Price for Instructional (T-Ball)

We are offering Instructional for the low price of $50.00

Updated Wednesday January 4, 2017 by Dennis (Max) Malloy.

Instructional Bio..

This division is for baseball players 4 to 6 years old who want to learn the fundamentals of hitting and fielding. Coaches usually practice two time a week in the pre-season, and they will have two games a week durring the six week season. We try to have at least four innings a game (but games will not go longer than an hour). If we get a lot of coaches then we lower the amount of players per team (Which is the best for everyone becuase the kids stay engaged.. Less sitting and more batting which is what they like to do!! The Kids for the first couple of games will start with the tee. After that we quickly get the coaches pitching to the players. If they can't hit with the coach pitching then they get a chance to hit off the tee after they have tried with the coach. We may be bias but we feel like we have the best program around for Instructional players!!!

This year we are offering our Instructional Program for $50.00 dollars. We strive to bring the best baseball experience to all levels of play.

At registration you will be charged a $100.00 dollar fundraising fee. Raffle tickes will be available for pick up at our evaluations to pick up. When you sell the tickes you get your $100 dollars back threw the ticket sales.

We also need as many parents as possible to be coaches for our instructional leagues. If we can get a lot of coaches that we can keep the players on each team down to a minimum. The fewer kids on a team the more they get to touch the ball and bat. This also makes the game go a lot faster!! You don't need baseball experience to coach a Instructional team..