Fall Ball Info

Updated Friday August 11, 2017 by Dennis (Max) Malloy.

Fall Ball Information

This fall we will be holding a smaller raffle than in the spring. We are asking each parent to sell (5) $10 dollar ticket. The prizes are as follows;

1st Place        $ 1,000.00
2nd Place       $    500.00
3rd Place(2)   $    250.00
4th Place (5)  $    100.00
5th Place (10) $     50.00

The winning tickets will be drawn shortly after the start of the season. So please sell asap!! 

The tickets will be distributed on opening day.


Instructional         $    50.00
Rookie                 $   100.00
Minor                   $   100.00
Major                   $   100.00
Junior                  $   100.00

Opening Day/Season

Opening day will be on August 12, 2017 and we will only play games on Saturdays. If we get any more that 8 teams in any one division that division will have to have games on Sunday as well. To be clear each team will have a double header on each Saturday (exept Instructional will only play one game either way) (unless there is a Sunday game). The Season will last till the end of September.

Coach Selections

Please all coaches register by July 26. We will select the coaches for the fall season on the 26th. Remember you can only have one Manager and one Assistant Coach for the draft. If you want a third coach on your team you have to draft his son to get him.


Evaluations will be held on Aug 1,2017 at our fields. Please have you player bring their glove with them to the evaluation (Times will folow).


The draft will be held on August 2,2017 (info on time and place will be distributed to the selected coaches). Only the coaches and division heads have to attend the draft.


Valpo Americans will provide shirts (Cotton) and hat for the fall season.