Popcorn Fest Parade Information for Valpo Americans

Updated Friday September 7, 2018 by Shannon Bilunas.

The Popcorn Fest is this Saturday, September 8th, and that means so is the parade!

If you plan on participating in the parade to represent Valpo Americans, be sure to meet us at the Regal Parking Lot 9:30AM sharp on Saturday. We are float #68. 

Wear your Valpo Americans gear or green, black, and white attire. Also, please bring a bag or two of candy to pass out along the parade route. No chocolate or peanut candy, please. Candy can be passed out but not thrown along the parade route. 

Parents not participating in the parade with your child can meet us after the parade at Ben Franklin Middle School for pick up.

Lastly, if you do plan on participating in the parade with us, please bring a water bottle in order to stay hydrated. The forecast looks to be beautiful for Saturday; however, the route is rather long.

We hope to have as many VA family members as possible come out and join us for the parade. See you Saturday!